What’s your perfect e-reader?

If you have been anywhere near me in the last couple of weeks, you probably know I’m writing an Android e-book reader app.

Now, I have been cranking out features on a fairly good pace and I have a lot more stuff planned. The thing is: I know what’s important to me as a reader, but I’d like to know what’s important to other users as well.

So… I put the question to you:

If you could dream up your perfect e-reader app, what features would it have?

Here’s what it has right now:

  • Night mode
  • Configurable colours for day/night mode
  • E-pub support
  • Support for links and Table of Contents
  • Cloud synchronization for reading progress
  • Animated page changes
  • Dictionary/Wikipedia lookup of words
  • Full-screen mode
  • Browser style scrolling
  • Page flip by tapping/swiping/volume buttons/d-pad
  • Progress indication in %
  • Configurable font size

What’s planned:

  • Local library with book-shelf view
  • Automated page flipping on a timer
  • Progress indication in pages
  • Enable/disable CSS (right now CSS is unsupported)
  • Configurable font-face
  • Brightness controls

This is the stuff that’s important to me… but what would you like to see in an e-reader app? What are must-have features? Post all ideas, rants and suggestions here… I’d love to hear from you :)

4 comments on “What’s your perfect e-reader?

  1. Nice to read your blog

  2. Barry on said:

    Every Ereader I have found for android is very intrusive. In the Google play store they are all listed as taking control of your personal phone info; preventing your phone from sleeping; contacting the internet and using up band width; access to your location data, etc.. It’s downright insidious!
    However, I can understand that your Page Turner Pro needs internet access for the dictionary. Will there be anything intrusive (information gathering and control grabbing) being added to Page Turner? If not, I plan to buy it and tout it.


    • Alex on said:

      Hi Barry,

      I completely agree: an e-reader has no business grabbing your contact list or location data.

      PageTurner needs Internet access for 2 things: the dictionary lookup and the cloud-sync feature.

      We value our users privacy a lot, so no: there will never be any kind of information gathering added to PageTurner. This would go completely against the spirit of an open-source app. In fact: one of the reasons PageTurner is open source is so users can see what is and isn’t going on there… no secrets or hidden stuff.

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