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Introducing: PageTurner

A new synchronizing e-book reader for Android. This post is no longer updated. Check here for the PageTurner download page. Update: the code is now on GitHub. Those of you that know me or follow my Goodreads know that I’m a fairly avid reader. As avid as I may be though, my wife manages to […]


Just a quick rant this morning, something that occurred to me in the shower…. Object-oriented languages were hailed as a great advance in software engineering because they helped you create “generic and reusable components”…. great, but I call BS. This little nugget of wisdom has been around for years and is still taught at many […]

Some Java Generics Voodoo… no zombies involved.

In a perfect world, I’d be doing all my coding in Groovy… but since that isn’t happening any time soon, I’ve found that Generics are a good way of dealing with statically typed languages. Specifically when implementing DAOs with Spring and Hibernate, Generics can save on a lot of duplicated code. I’d like to share […]

Screw this, I’m outta here!

That’s pretty much how I felt yesterday… had been at work for 2 hours, and it was clear: I wasn’t going to be productive that day… Steve McConnel has a nice quote about days like that in Code Complete (a must-read)… don’t remember the exact words, but it comes down to that if you know […]

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